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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sewing Machine Block and I captured a cashmere

July color in the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge is yellow/green. I chose this print along with a Tami-revised sewing machine block. I somewhat followed the pattern posted at amyscreativeside, and linked up at I made the block more difficult by adding the brown border. My first attempt reminded me of the puppet Ollie.

Updating post to linkup at for the July Color Challenge. 

I had hoped to make it in to the Fair awards ceremony but spent the morning feeling punk and having car trouble so it wasn't meant to happen.
I felt as undetermined as this painting

I also captured a cashmere and silk skirt at Goodwill. Very happy finds for me. 

Posting some summer Patterns of the Day
Marking quilting lines for the Indianapolis Colts lap quilt and listening to shuffled music on my laptop. 

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