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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Destashing in the heat

What do you do when it hovers around 100 degrees? You Destash!
Some actually aren't fabric uglies - so what did I get rid of? 

Christmas yardage.  I have made a few Christmas quilts and may do another holiday-themed creation but only with the prettiest of fabric I've saved. 

Baby and kid-themed fabric. I don't have any small children in my life. I have one baby quilt in the pre-pin-basting stage for an expectant co-worker. (No one is expecting at this time so this one is on hold.)

Poor fabric choices. You can see one of those choices in the bag, a deep maroon with fly fishing lures. Bought secondhand but regretted a day later. 

The fabric stash is being winnowed down. I am moving more toward collections of higher quality fabric for certain projects. Here are a few: 

Asian-themed fabric - Bento box block
Black and white print fabric - Pineapple block
Black and pink print fabric - Perhaps a country pinwheel block

I have in mind a quilt centered around a retro print of blue and grey. I don't have the block in mind yet to highlight. A country classic block called Patches might be the one. I ordered some companion Kona solids, hoping to highlight some free motion quilting. This project is fast moving up in the queue. 

I am moving more and more toward completing kits or quilt tops that other quilters have left unfinished. I have a batch of Coastal Beacons blocks that will quickly assemble into a quilt top. Each block contains a batik lighthouse, very pretty. 

I am currently working on an Indianapolis Colts lap quilt for the Mr.'s daughter. The flimsy is done and the backing flannel washed. I am pleased with how this one is turning out, I had very little fabric to work with and scored the flannel backing at 1/2 off retail.

My machine is back from the shop so I can get some heavy duty quilting done on this current lap quilt and picnic quilt I have pin basted. 

I also have a retro fan quilt top I need to complete the backing. This one is being saved for a longarmer. I have a promotional interview at the State this Tuesday so if I score the job, I will reward myself with a quilt project sent to a professional.

On a side note, I am a YUGE fan of Mary Fons and Fons & Porter  tutorials. I just discovered Mary Fons has written quite a few articles on the subject of quilting. Link to one of those articles
the-quilt-scout but-is-is-art?  

Thrifting update was a couple of what I like to call "carry alongs" needlework projects, extra fun Halloween costume, and some tie downs for a truck. My son needs those, I soaked them in a bucket and then hung them up to dry. 
Finally, we escaped a California wildfire this weekend. People in the area were evacuated and we could hear the firefight continue into the night. We were able to return to our homes but couldn't leave the area after we arrived home.  

Stay cool, stay calm and Destash! 

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