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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Mid-year review

It is intriguing to look back at one's goals in the New Year to see what has been accomplished at this mid-point.  I did achieve one of my goals which was to create an art quilt for the twice yearly Art with Fabric Blog Hop.  Even outdid myself by entering it in the California State Fair and earning an honorable mention. I also queued up a hopeful finish to the Pantone Color of the Year quilt challenge but I never got off the ground with that one. I did a fabric pull and didn't have that color, couldn't find the right shade at the fabric store and failed a finding fabric that spoke to me while competing in the FabHopShop. 

Luckily, I only set the two quilting goals for myself this year. Oh, I have lots of WIPs and PIGs that I have organized in ziplocs. I have even posted my quilting hopes and dreams. No time like the present to revisit. 

I am now swimming in batiks, I love them, but have yet to make a quilt with them. 

I also have plaids, more plaids than I will ever need. Once I make the quilt I have in mind either Storm at Sea or a Plaid-half-hexagon.

The Art with Fabric Blog hop will take place some time in the fall and I have another art quilt in mind, this time I will piece it like a proper quilter! *grins* I will enter that one in the 2019 fair, trying for a top placing ribbon.  

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As I have posted previously, I am participating in the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge, making quilt blocks associated with the color of the month. Also with that challenge, there are giveaways and I won for the month of June (birthday gal, uh huh, uh huh, woot woot).  And how appropriate, my love of art and fabric combines into a fat quarter bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics. 
I think this bundle is just begging to be made into a Modern Art quilt with lots of negative space and perhaps some matchstick quilting?  

What would you make with this fabric compilation? 

And my mid-year winnings continue with a $20 gift card win from Snowline Hospice Thrift. Time to buy a lottery ticket? 

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