The Stupsi joins her sister and mystery box of fabric

This looks so Voodoo
The Stupsi doll in the center of the image of the unintentional voodo-like display had to be purchased since I found her sister the week before. Her old-fashioned costume and beaded bag make me think she is mambo. I am photographing inside and my thrift shop finds of paper tiki towers, the doll, summer print fabric, a batik kit and More Quick Watercolor Quilts, including a couple of CDs, totaled less than $10. 

Heading into 100+ degree heat this weekend. It is an energy zapper. I feel like I should be downstairs working in my studio creating quilt-related things but it just isn't happening. Think I'll cut fabric for some Bento box blocks. 

As promised, here are the contents of Mystery Box of Fabric I bought online for $30 as a birthday present to myself. 

This was a small quilter's stash from Wichita, Kansas. I bid on it sight unseen, I figured there would be some fabric uglies I couldn't use. 
Laundered and folded
Surprisingly, there were a number of batiks, yardage for both an Americana-themed quilt and a seafaring-themed one (I have been collecting fabric for the latter). Lots of fat quarters and about 1/3 of the box unusable to me. 

In addition to the fabric, there was this piece I can supplement for a backing. I try to incorporate mystery quilter's creations into my current project. It is a nod to them that their work will live on. 
Thank you mystery quilter
One of the CDs I brought home was a classic compilation of

Continuing my birthday gifts to myself. I frequent a certain hospice thrift shop because 1) it is open on Sunday; 2) the prices are reasonable; 3) there is a half off sale at the beginning of each month; and 4) I have acquired numerous pieces of original artwork from this location. It is almost criminal that I spent $4.25 for this one.
Acrylic on fabric, double matted
professionally framed
Al Paque 7-1990
I call it Delicate Summer Flowers. 28 years old this July. I won't let myself hang it up at home because then it will never make it in to work. I want to hang it in my cubicle and replace a framed print that is just too green (said with gritted teeth).

About my buying secondhand fabric, one tip - When you have things shipped to you from across the country, don't bring the cardboard box in the house. We believe we had a nasty assassin bug get into our house that way. Now we open boxes outside and store them flattened outside. Just. In. Case. 


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