Summer Socials

Cameron Park Hospice Thrift held their Summer Solstice Event this weekend. There were Hawaiian shirts, beach items and kitsch galore. For just a few dollars, I picked up the flamingo tissue centerpiece, a souvenir ukelele, two strands of painted beads and a pink sarong. We have a summer social coming up next month at work and these items will jazz up one of the treat tables. 
The shopper checking out in front of me purchased over $100 of truly amazing party goods - one item I didn't think to snag was a large ceramic conch shell, you could fill it with anything. 

My birthday is on June 25, so I treated myself to a mystery box of fabric purchased from one of my favorite online retailers. Course, I tried to convince myself I didn't need more fabric but I have been showing restraint at the thrift shops, not purchasing everything quilting cotton. I will catalog the treasures inside the box. Hoping it isn't a box of uglies. 
A log cabin square done in pinks and blues peeks out
along with a hint of a purple batik and a batik firefly
SOLD me on this collection
Mystery box in lineup
In other news, I continue to participate in the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge with June's block being purple. I goofed up and didn't save the image on my iPhone. It posted to IG but I can't copy it. 
June color block.  Link to host and pinwheel pattern june-color-challenge.

Awaiting word on my media access pass to the California State Fair. I am interested in what all that entails. 

Suffering through 100+ degree heat this weekend, I am more in the mood for scanning rather than sewing. The scanning is the project of converting 35 mm photo slides to digital images. I've just scheduled a visit in July to see my 90 year old mother. 

How have you been beating the heat?


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