Saturday, June 2, 2018

Every Quilter Needs a Rack

How's that for a post title? A quilt rack had been on my thrift shop bucket list for some time. Sturdy and well-made it will hold three full-sized quilts. There are heart cutouts on each side. Hospice half off day meant I scored that and the following items:
Priced at $8, I paid $4
Another fun, obscure thing I collect are fortune teller toys and Tarot cards.
Muffy on the right joined Fortune Tellers
Barbie and M&M
Back to the quilting aspect of the finds, quilt and other books, fabric and looks to be the beginnings of a doll quilt.

What I am now calling the picnic quilt with pineapple and My Little Pony backing is in the basting stage. I am patting myself on the back for using less than $20 in retail fabric and the remainder from my stash. 

This quilt is destined for the spare bedroom/fabric stash room.

Next on my list of things to find secondhand - a quilt ladder.

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