Curved piecing and other observations

This pre-cut kit of batik fabric is my entry into curved piecing. These fabric pieces are even notched and mystery quilter left detailed notes along with the instructions. 

My sturdy 457 is good for piecing but not for quilting. Course, I have been pushing it by using a standard foot and other sewing machine transgressions.  

Picnic quilt is in pinned basted stage but I am waiting until my Brother machine is repaired and tuned up. 

My attempt at abstract in fabric was not a state fair acceptance. *shrugs* I don't regret that it sports matchstick quilting. I will use that technique again for another quilted wall hanging. 

Update to post: So I believed all weekend that my entry wasn't selected, come to find out it earned an honorable mention. I'm in the fair after all!  

Pregnant doe captured on trail cam


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