Baby, It's All About the Books

Had to break down and organize the needlework kits by manufacturer and kit number. My latest round of listings pushed another set of keeper books off the shelf and into another room. I am using the large cardboard open boxes you get at bulk sellers as my "bins." 

The Great American Favorite Brand Name Cookbook was destined for sale but I decided to keep it. Online pricing varied wildly on it from $5 to $45. 

I've been picking up the gospel/hymn CDs, betting it will be a product people will be seeking. Singing in church has just been banned in California. I get it, but that act still hurts.  

My craft mystery box from an online auction arrived. I ended up keeping half of the items. Two were Christmas-related, cross-stitch stamped blocks and a quilt kit. 

Fun find of the day from that mystery box, this Knox Gelatine pamphlet from 1941.
Latest sales and finds - it has been all about the books. A delightful find of a 1975 Maxfield Parrish publication by Coy Ludwig and other solid sellers a 1961 BHG Sewing Book and two more recent cookbooks. 

I don't know why I didn't start reselling earlier. It definitely underwrites the thrifting purchases I keep. Here was a kit I initially kept but decided to list, it sold the next day. Lush and beautiful, bought for $1.50 (almost criminal pricing) and sold for $18. 
Be sure to check back on July 12 for my Virtual State Fair Post!


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