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Sunday, September 20, 2020

My name is Tami and I have a platter addiction

This platter $6.49 from Goodwill wasn't even in the plate section, as if someone had picked it up and then decided against it. I use platters nearly every day. This pattern is Tonquin Royal Staffordshire Dinnerware. I would love having a full set. 

The evolution of little Lucky to a leash-trained cat. I have never leash trained a cat. I have never had this much time to be able to train a pet. This kitten is unique because she came to me when she was so young (4-5 weeks old). I spend at least 4 sessions a day with her getting used to me and her surroundings. 

I love my Modern Art class, but because of some online snafu, I didn't get my textbook until halfway through the 8 week class. I am frantically trying to catch up on reading. I also decided to drop my second 8 week Intro to Art History class. I am putting it off until the spring. Between class and work, I have no time for any other pursuits (quilting and reselling). 

I was most impressed by this Jacques Louis David quote on art and artists:

"They (the Greeks) thought, and they were right, that in the arts the way in which an idea is rendered, and the manner in which it is expressed, is much more important than the idea itself. To give a body and a perform form to one's thought, this--and only this--is to be an artist."

Greenhouse update: It is lush and overgrown with the sunflowers peeking around the corners. Finally blanched pole beans, then warmed them in butter and garlic, and they were delicious! Other things growing in there are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon. 

Lastly, thrifting update - no reselling update but plenty of interesting items now in the death pile to list. Fun finds included Derpy Lammy Pie. No bigger than a minute, she was found in the stuffed animal bin. 

Partial wooden airplane found its way in my basket too. Retro cool at $1.49. 

And then there was fabric! I nearly despaired when I saw another shopper with two bags, then went I visited the fabric area, there were 3 more bags, all for me! Two bags at $5.99 and all with usable material. The third bag, really the Mother Lode, was priced at $3.99.

Chock full of vintage linens with stamped cross-stitch designs. I WANT to keep them all, but I have to be realistic and put them up for sale. One is a complete Bridge set (I don't play Bridge). 

Also in that bag were 6 pillowcases, all well constructed. I may keep a couple of those. 

Last highlight find of the day - a Boy Scout shirt with badges. If I could just get around to lotting up the other B.S. items, I know it will sell quickly. 

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