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Monday, September 7, 2020

It is a Good Time to be a Reseller

Northern Californians, being smoked and burned out (literally), are hunkering down during the heat wave and cleaning out their closets. When I arrived at hospice thrift in the am, there were already three trucks loaded to the brim with boxes to donate. The day before they had to close donations because the donation area was full. 

Blue Ball jar finds have gotten to the point of ridiculous. This one I know for sure is reproduction (the retail label is partially affixed to the bottom of the jar. It is still a keeper, blue Bell jar joining the clan. The Star Wars t-shirt a keeper for me.

This packet included a number of hoops that will come in handy for me. Included in the bunch was the Sewing Susan needlecover first pictured in ths post. 

Fun find of the Day - a child's giraffe costume, retail priced at $29.99, scored for $1.49. I have read that costumes are movers. I think a nice one like this one could be priced to sell. 

I devoted most of the Labor Day weekend to updating more of my eBay listings (surprising how many needed editing), listing a few needlework kit items, and catching up on my art history homework. By editing my prices raising them from $1 to $5 so the total value of my listings increased from $6,000 to $8,000. My next listing goal - to reach $10,000 in total listings value

My death pile contains at least 50 CDs, these value out at $15-$20 each. Higher than my last batch of CDs that hovered around $8-$10. Also left to list are 50 vintage sewing patterns, more needlework kits, Girl/Boy Scouting items and around 20 more books. 

Tami fun find - a pair of Marjorie Baer earrings. One costume jeweler from San Francisco, her pieces are so simply constructed they are overlooked by other collectors. On the back is stamped "MB SF."

The Mr. and I are thinking of consolidating our RV camper situation. The newer bigger one  (currently the She Shed) seems so flimsy. We want to upgrade our cabover Lance to a newer zoomier one. That's the plan, we'll see. 

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