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Sunday, September 13, 2020

This time I went back for it

Such a leading post title! More than once I have passed up a painting because I wasn't sure on the cost or the look of it. This time I went back for this oil on canvas painting by Martha Brenn. The thrift shop had it priced at $60 with a gawd awful Yuge frame. I was there late in the day so I left it. Having slept on it, I went back in the morning to thrift and took both the picture and frame to front and asked if I could NOT purchase the frame but give them $40 for the painting. Luckily, a customer in front of me in line said she would buy the frame for $20, so the thrift shop sold me the painting for $40. I am very happy. Course, I had to take a selfie in front of it! It hangs in the Place of Honor in my living room. 

Here is the entire painting

I may eventually frame it. I am sure it is delighted to be out of that massive frame that didn't show off its true beauty. 

That little pink pinwheel quilt top I bought on eBay? It was missing its side pink borders Luckily, I had just enough remnant of a pale pink fabric to complete the top. Stunned that I found a fabric that was damn near close to the original pale pink. Other than some trimming of the top's borders, I didn't have to do any other sewing rehabilitative work. 

I made a quilt backing in advance of receiving the top but when it arrived the backing I had intended didn't match. Little did I know I had some extra extra wide backing fabric, no piecing needed. It is on its way to the longarmer, done in a meander stipple in a gold thread. 

Cookie jar no. 3 ($5.99 at thrift) joined my collection. I also have a butter churn and cookie barrel one. 
It will join my Blue bell jars and milk jug when they go to my offsite She Shed of kitchen collectibles.

Newest fun listen, as I ripping CDs to my laptop prior to sale, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Beatin' the Heat.

We continue to have smoke-filled skies. We avoid going outside. It is so stressful, I try not to think about it. Haven't we had enough trials and tribulations this year? 

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