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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Pendelton robe and blue Ball jar

All these years I have thrifted and never found the elusive blue Ball jar. This is now the fourth one I found this year. It looks suspiciously new though. No mind, it will join my she shed shelf collection.
Being a big fan of Pendelton products, this robe flew off the rack into my arms. Priced at $3.99, I am delighted to be its new owner. I also scored a Real Tree camo jacket for my son ($13).  
Fun finds in the book category - the mini fig sticker books. Many of the stickers are gone but no mind. I will keep the books. Sometimes we have little children visit and I like to have items around I can give them. The other two books are Tami keepers. 
These little fellas and the wooden carrier set me back $2. Some things are just too cute to pass up. I keep them around for awhile, then I sell them. 
Reselling update: Since I've passed the 500 mark, I took a break from listing more items. With the new job and college classes, I've got more than enough to keep me busy now. 

Over this blasting hot summer Labor Day weekend, I will edit some more of the eBay listings to make them blue dot conforming and raise prices. 

Ending this post with two Patterns of the Day from 1967. 

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  1. Great finds! Ball issued a set of similar looking commemorative jars a while back. Mine have an eagle on the side. Hope this helps.


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