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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Evolution of my Remote Workspace

Leading off with the quilt top from eBay that I treated myself. Admittedly a lazy quilter, I will put together remnants of cat print fabric for the backing and send it to a professional quilter. I had a reseller coupon for $25, so the $50 quilt top cost me $25. So cute, we will see if I have to add borders. 

I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my home office aka spare bedroom. It has been good timing in snagging a promotion because all California state employees took a 10% pay cut, were furloughed 2 days a month, reimbursements NOT covered are internet, utility costs, paper for printing, equipment costs. On the flip side, the cost of gas and parking has been cut in half. I have all new Dell state issued equipment and I am loving it! I finally have a full-sized monitor back so I won't have the eye strain I've had since March. 

First work station
Moved to the spare room and added tapestry

Pre-new desk setup

Current work station with new desk setup

The state-supplied monitor, keyboard and hub make a huge difference. The amount of room I had really hasn't changed but the ability to organize my work papers and books is a bonus. I exchanged my dining room table chair with my rolling office chair and ordered a chair mat. I'll be in business righty quick.

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