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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A Western art find

I have a small collection of Western art, now a burgeoning three pieces. One is a framed Charles Russell print and another framed acrylic on canvas wagon train scene shown above. The back story on that picture is I purchased the painting for $250 at the now-defunct Three Women and an Armoire in Sacramento. I found the frame deeply discounted in the bargain section of the now-defunct Aaron Brothers Art Mart, also in Sacramento. 

One thrift I frequent has numerous pieces of art but they are all usually over-priced. I splurged on this $40 print, labeled as "Vintage, hand-colored engraving." While it may or not be, it is beautifully framed and matted and I am thrilled it has joined my collection. 

I begin my Introduction to Art History class in a couple of weeks. Queued up for summer session is Art of the Americas. Both are 8 week classes so they move through the material at a fast clip. The counselor mentioned, "Now, you get to take all of the fun classes," since I have met my pre-requisites on the completion of my first associate's degree. 

On work front, I passed probation as a Senior Legal Analyst. It had been a 7 year goal since I left private practice management of a small law firm. Always ambitious, I have set my sights on an entry level management position of Staff Services Manager I. I am in a fast-growing department that might benefit from my experience. 

Reseller update: Working through the last of the books I have gained from estate sales and my personal collection. I am winnowing down my library to a few vintage cookbooks, some sewing/quilting reference books and books I want to read in retirement. 

Once I catch up in one category, I have soo much in the death pile still to list. Next up is 60 or so sewing patterns, CDs (more than I care to count), needlework kits, boy scout items and crochet and quilt items. I have 900 listings on the boards that total $13,000. 

1st Quarter goal - 1,000 listings that total $15,000. 

I don't do much quilting in the winter because my sewing machine is downstairs where it is COLD. I about froze completing my Christmas quilt top but I was motivated, I love the fabric combinations so much. I am also bummed because my professional longarmer (the person who quilted my projects), segued to selling only quilting products online. 

Wish I crocheted, I just listed this easy-to-finish crochet project.

Post update - those granny squares sold in one day. 

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  1. That's my "rule." Two is a coincidence, three is a collection! I don't collect westerns, but do buy a lot of thrift store art! I haven't been in person in a year. It's terrible!


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