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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Never Going Back

No big surprise, the state department I work for has announced that 100% telework has been extended until the year's end. I figured that out 6 months ago when I invested in office furniture/chair. It really is a shame, the office was in one of my favorite downtown Sacramento buildings, and I had a window cubicle. I am still trying to process the information. I think part of me held some hope I would be returning to Sacramento. 

Now the million dollar question: Can a California state employee live outside of the state in a telework environment? At present, you must have residency in California. There is more than one person thinking why not live in another state with lower living expenses? What difference does it make? We are never going back to the office. All of those expensive downtown office leases will eventually expire. 

Two other things to share on this post, a Laurel Burch bag find. After a good washing, it was put to use holding my sewing patterns to be listed. Last thrift shop visit I picked up 8 vintage Vogue patterns - score!

Love the three cats on the front. I have three now with the youngest being a troublemaker.

A wonderful February find for me, a 1947 Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia. Especially useful is how to make corded netting. This book has instructions for everything! It is a forever keeper. 

Pattern of the Day is a 1966 McCall's. Beach dress to me means sun, sand, shopping, and shows. My perfect formula for a vacation. Someday. 

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