Thursday, February 25, 2021

Who'd Thunk Books Would Be So Popular

I continue to marvel at the fact that people collect books. I don't know why it amazes me. I collect books too. I keep about 1 out of 10 that I sell. 

I always wondered why my neighbors, who happen to be well-known book sellers in the area, were able to go on lengthy vacations. I kept saying, "You can't make that much money in books!" Apparently, I was wrong. 

With the help of a couple of stimulus payments and my eBay sales, I will be debt free by the end of March. March also marks a year of remote working. 

I am not sure if this happened in other parts of the states but during the worst of the pandemic, there were people in lines in their cars waiting for food distributions. There were brand new cars and trucks in line. Granted, some fall into misfortune. But then there are others, who have over-extended their ability to pay back their debts. My business math professor noted long-term financed vehicles is where the trouble starts for most people. That $40,000 vehicle purchase price? If you put very little down and make only the required monthly payment for 6-7 years, that vehicle will cost you much more than you image. The same thing with a mortgage, little money down, 30-year fixed, that $250,000 house will end up costing you $393,000. 

Segueing to a totally different topic - the 2020-buy-no-fabric-challenge. During the lockdown, Joann's was open as an essential business. More like a shot in the arm for a sense of normalcy during that time. That, and my postal deliveries being essential so I got to drive into our one-horse town nearly every day. I have been doing better keeping my fabric under control. I give away a fat quarter at a time wrapping my eBay orders in it. 

I was staying away from the auction boards, then THIS happened. It was my intent to win at least 1 of the 3 bids I had on the mystery boxes, and ended up winning all 3.

Box No. 1: Baby box

Thankfully there were patterns, 44 of them. I can recoup my $25 spent. There was also some quilt rulers, cards, stickers, and stamping stuff (the latter I will thrift back). 

Box No. 2: Momma box

Eight more sewing patterns were contained inside, including a Laurel Burch fabric bag (now I have 2!), some colorful upholstery fabric and a 1985 publication The Saucier's Apprentice, a keeper (also pictured above). Lastly, 9 Leisure Arts magazines. I will recoup my cost on the patterns, two of which are dog clothes and those will sell. 

Box No. 3: Poppa box

I biffed on this box. While I might recoup my cost, it was the orange pillow kit that caught my eye. 

My two orange pillow finds from 2020.
Residents of my remote work office/bedroom

A trip in to Sacramento for my legal reference book for work meant a stop at Goodwill. I got my fill of sure-selling vintage cookbooks. 

That trip also revealed many restaurants in the downtown grid had closed. Now, when you google restaurants near me, you will have to google restaurants still open. 

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  1. Maybe your bookseller neighbors have found a lot of money tucked between the pages of the books.