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Monday, February 8, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday project

Super Bowl Sunday means I work on projects while I watch the commmercials and the half time show. One year my daughter and I worked on a jelly roll race quilt, this year I attempted a spring flower wreath. My mom had requested it so she could hang it outside her door at assisted living. I had a bag of precut flowers and centers bought at thrift. 
I also had a wreath with a few remnant Christmas items that I pulled off.
I constructed each fabric flower with buttons at the center using heavy duty thread. 
The fabric flowers were sewn to zip ties.
With the final result. 

And on to reseller update:
This $9.99 bag of thrifted fabric was a delightful purchase. Best of the bunch included a section of a license plate print that joined my Travel Quilt project bag. A third of the non-cotton material was thrifted back. 

Quilting books are eye candy for me and have discovered are easy sales on eBay. I buy them for $1.29 each and list them for $15 and up. 

Each book is examined for any damage I have to reveal and the off-chance that original owner may have tucked money in one of them. That hasn't happened for me but one can always hope. 

I hit up another estate sale, this one being not so exceptional having spent $23 on books, CDs and misc. sewing. I didn't buy the sewing machine but the manual came in my lot, so there is some $$ there. 

I found two Chris Gaines CDs, one at hospice thrift and one at the estate sale. BOTH were missing their CDs, got excited for nothing. Chris Gaines aka rocker Garth Brooks. sheesh

Sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is a miss when you are sourcing. 

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