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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Launch of my Website and Snow Day Coming My Way

Now, all of my online wanderings are consolidated under one site that links my blog, grammasonacid shenanigans on YouTube, and reselling activity on eBay.

Future plans on the website are to sell some unusual and bizarre items, such as pine cones, or rocks, or something equally nonsensical. Because ya know ... grammasonacid. 
Gramma is going to go on non-hallucinogenic, yet to be defined, trips. 

Each month I will feature a Help Our Cause, this month being Improve Conditions for Local Chickens. Our chicken coop is badly in need of repair. Who knows what fundraising will be next month? 

There is a snow day coming my way. I haven't skiied in years but have all of the top notch equipment. Since we have had such an amazing snowfall this season, I want to spend at least one day in the winter wonderland. My daughter snowboards and I ski, so we are going up for the day at a local resort. 

I am appearing more often in my blog posts. I like to do photoshoots, and I love modeling (even though my runway is a dirt road), so my mission, beginning now, is to find an amazing thrifted ball gown. I've got tiaras, I've got gloves and I've got the accessories. Why not wear them? Why not go bridal? We should seize the day even more than before. 

Reseller update: I thought things would slow down on the auction boards but didn't take into account people would be receiving their income tax refunds. I am selling a mix of items now but books seem to be on the forefront. 

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