Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Middle of February thoughts and musings

Had to block my first buyer on eBay. Rather than make an offer on a vintage pattern, I received messages inquiring why I had listed it at that price. We are talking about less than $15. Really? Have you ever heard of a finder's fee? Ah well, now mystery buyer can't bid at all now that I have placed a block on said person. 

Listings I have removed are unpopular CDs (low page views), a Robert Wood Autumn Glade print (didn't want to ship it) and I edited women's clothing and random kits to half off their price. If they still don't sell, I will pull them and thrift them back. I also kept the wire sculpting, beads, beading materials, and books on that subject. Here is a fun one pulled from the death pile. When will I ever make jewelry? IDK. It seemed appropriate to keep it for now so I will trust my instincts. 

And what the heckamunda is happening with my page views? Double and triple my usual traffic. Anyone visiting if you could share how you found me. Some of the popular posts are years old, but I guess that is no surprise since I have been blogging for over 10 years. 

I am kicking around the idea of participating in the AtoZ Challenge again this April. It has been a few years. This round would be a focus on reselling. 

I have hit my goal of 900 eBay active listings. I think I would like to hover around 1,000 listings for awhile. At that point, it makes the most sense to maintain an online store. Guess what I discovered today? Terapeak Sourcing research on eBay. I searched for solds on crocheted blankets and they are selling for around $40. I have a black squared one with colored centers AND black crochet squares to list. 

My next website goal is to draw a logo. I have a unique image now but want something more gypsy psychedelic paisley-ish with the name of the website encircling the perimeter.

Update to post, my new logo is up and running. I try not to use OPA (other people's artwork) or images. A look at my sketchbook revealed I had not done any sketches for 4 years. And here she is!

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