Monday, March 19, 2018

AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

This year's theme will focus on thrifting, quilting, and sewing with occasional fashion posts. Reprising my AtoZ-themed posts from prior year's participation will include:

Weird and Wacky in the World of Thrift
Zipper Von Zalez (my German wirehaired pointer closes out the month-long show).

One new post this year will be "Things I didn't buy, thrift shop finds."

I might throw in a Pattern of the Day.
1968 Simplicity 7709

And a recipe or two ~
My thrifting and quilting go hand-in-hand as evidenced by this weekend's thrift shop finds.

$17 garnered camoflauge Build A Bear and tons of fabric. I know I have some Build A Bear clothes squirreled away somewhere. 

The green batik fabric you see in the forefront is the one I will be working with on my green quilt block for May for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge. April's color block orange will be revealed on my "B" post for the A to Z April Challenge. 

Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop continues into this week, participants listed below:

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