Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Angels - A to Z Writing Challenge topic

Yesiree folks, we are starting the A to Z Writing Challenge with the letter "A."  There is a whole slew of bloggers posting along with this challenge.  It is my first year with A to Z - I missed last year by a mere month (argh).  I am Number 48 on the sign-up list this year.  Welcome to those visiting from AtoZ and a hideeho to my regular audience.  

My challenge posts will be centered around All Things Thrifting.  I may stray from my chosen topic and post quotes, poems, stories, images and throw in a blog hop or two.

The thrift shop angels are stars that have fallen from heaven, tossed aside by their original owner, to be scooped up by an appreciative collector.  This sweetie was an addition to my collection this past season.  Course, the angels do tend to show up more around the Christmas season - that is the time to snap them up. And who doesn't need an angel on their side?  

The angels may have wider spheres of action and
nobler forms of duty than ourselves,
but truth and right to them and to us
are one and the same thing.
E. H. Chapin

One tidbit I want to throw in is a shout out to Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out.  He started the A to Z Challenge (little did he know how it would take off!).  We are all surprising him with a mention.    

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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