Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transportation - Month long photography theme

P.J. of a lil hooha assigned the theme of "transportation" for April's photography theme.

Legs, the ultimate mode of transportation, preferably sporting Giani Bernini sandals.

Sometimes there are transportation mishaps, such as the one evidenced below (4-16-13 Sacramento County).

Here is a two-fer, the front of the Sacramento Regional Transit light rail and in the background the abandoned railyard that has lain fallow for many years.  Two places that could be the hub of activity but have never been fully developed, the waterfront and the railyard.  There were grand plans to develop the railyard but I think they have, once again, fallen through.  The movers and shakers have been obsessing over the Sacramento Kings and a gotta-have-it new stadium.

Ok, this image is a stretch, stay with me on this one.  I'm not quite sure what this structure is supposed to represent.  It is installed at the K Street Mall.  There is a non-working clock and sorta Jetson-esque embellishments.  It makes me think - To the Moon, Alice!  Oh wait, we don't have a space program in the U.S. anymore.  *humph*  Transport to the moon - bam.

The ubiquitous light rail - I like the power substation in the background.

Not quite as artsy fartsy as my photog friends - check them out here.

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