Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ode to Thrift Town - A to Z Writing Challenge topic

"O" - I drew a blank on this one this go round.  I am going to use my one free pass (per D.L. Hammons j-is-for-jack) and repost my Ode to Thrift Town.


I see your sign, I can't decide
What will I find today?
A shirt, a sweater, a book, a letter?
My heart skips a beat, a brand-name label?
A toy, a game, a picture, a table?
It is all part of the thrift shop game.

How could I be so lucky?
With these fortunate finds
Why did the former owner
Discard this gem that is now mine
The coupons off, the sales of the day
Would I have this much fun the retail way?
A to Z Challenge [2013]
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