Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for White Elephants - A to Z Writing Challenge topic

White elephants are gifts so kitschy, useless, gawd awful ugly that they are endearing.  The exchange of white elephants gifts are popular around the holiday season.  Some of the drugstores sell funky stuff, but most often the white elephants are thrift shop purchases.

Then there are pink elephants ...

Jayne Mansfield at home, 1960s

My guess the Chia "pet" is one of the top 10 white elephant gifts.  I admit to buying the Obama Chia as an exchange gift.  Now there is the ...

This month's thrift shop finds were "W" in nature, purchased all on the same day: Western pottery ($18.50, $8.50 with $10 credit earned on a loyalty card); John Wayne stamp bear ($1.50) and Warren Kimble frame ($2.50, retail $15.99).  

Wow - the challenge is almost over.  I have atozfatigue.  Certifiable.  

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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