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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Virtual birthday party for nonamedufus

A virtual birthday blog party was suggested by Cheryl at decksidethoughts for nonamedufus who turned the magical age of 61.  While I do not know noname personally, we have participated in a few writing and photography challenges.

I'm told he likes .... fluffy bunnies

AND My Little Pony

Nonamedufus is the ultimate wordsmith - here is a picture of him, a SURVIVOR of the We Work For Cheese Writing Challenge this past February (yes - I kiped the image from his blog).

And here is the picture of the pre-party birthday party ~

So in honor of JOHN (at least that is what I am told is his real name, it could be Ernest or George, for all I know), Wishing Him the Best Birthday EVER!

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