Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Baby Doll Mugshots - A to Z Writing Challenge Topic

Baby doll mug shots are one of the features of my blog.  I re-post pictures from shopgoodwill.com that offer the dolls for sale to the highest bidder.  Some of the dollies have lead long and fraught-filled lives, there are parts missing, eyes glazed over, hair askew.  There are child-inflicted brands of pen marks on the face, teeth-marks on the fingers and toes, hair that has been inexpertly trimmed.  The dolls’ faces reflect the style of the era they were manufactured (born).  Some look startled, others sad, other perpetually happy as though the cares of the ages have whisked on by.  Like stray dogs, I want to take all the baby dolls home.   

I just know I am going to hit this topic out of the park - there will NOT be another blog (of the nearly 2,000 linked to this event) with this same topic.  

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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