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Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vintage and Vogoff Magazine - A to Z Writing Challenge topic

Vintage - just the addition of that word doubles (or triples) the price of anything.  Etsy is a perfect example of that.  Vintage = old.

"Antique vintage handmade drawer cabinet."

Antique Vintage Handmade Drawer  Cabinet
A mere $125 on Etsy

I buy cards by the bagful and occasionally a "vintage" one will sneak in - like this retro Hallmark card.  Those are keepers ~

AtoZ flag - the remainder of this adult-content (AC) post is about the Le Grand Fashion Art (Grand FART) Issue of Vogoff Magazine ...

On a completely different topic, Melanie of Bag and a Beret has posted a tongue-in-cheek call for "fashion" submissions for the second edition of Vogoff magazine, which I, of course, have jumped on board.

Miz Bagg is back and ready to commence work on her next thrilling issue of VOGOFF magazine, tentatively called Le Grand Fashion Art (Grand F'ART) Issue. Anyone who pinkie swears to the pledge below is welcome to make a submission.


  • I pledge to push my VOGOFF style beyond all boundaries of decorum. When I have reached my creative limits, I shall then ignite my booster rockets to achieve stratospheric outrageousness.
  • I pledge to call in favours from family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers to capture intriguing photos in such locations as recreation facilities, galleries, factory floors, theatres (stages), restaurant kitchens, busy public sidewalks, alleyways, bowling alleys, carnivals, canoes, etc., while wearing dumbfounding high-fashion clothing, often thrifted.
  • I pledge to turn my environment into a photo shoot playground.
  • I pledge to ignore the quizzical looks of bystanders during public photo sessions. 
  • I pledge to express my inner VOGOFF super-duper model (at all times) in pursuit an elevated state of being and not to second-guess my creative inner self. 

When readers see a VOGOFF photo they should ask themselves:
What the feck is happening there?
Who is that half-naked young man with her?
What the hell is she wearing?!
Models must wear dumbfounding outfits. Serious fashion may be considered ONLY if it is presented in a compromising situation. In all cases, think of Vogue on crack as the standard for your photos. All ages, all sizes are of course welcome.

Be serious. Be Zoolander.

Photos should be taken at your highest resolution.
GOOD LIGHTING is your best friend!!!

Miz Bagg will accept a maximum of 2 photos per submission. Not all photos will be published. Miz Bagg reserves the right to fiddle-faddle with your photos as it strikes her fancy. The release date of Le Grand F'ART Issue depends on the number of submissions received and will be announced on Bag and a Beret.

Send your submission to the Bag and a Beret email contact with VOGOFF Submission in the subject line. Include the name/blog address (if applicable)/clothing details that you would like to appear with your photo/credits. All work must be original to you. You do not need to have a blog to participate.


I hope you will join in - it's a great chance to show off your uber-fashion talent. The last VOGOFF issue has had almost 10,000 reads to date, which for some bloggers may not be a big deal but for me is very thrilling. Thank you everyone who had a look, and thanks especially to the incredibly talented women who so generously contributed to it! 

*Okay, I'm joking here. Miz Bagg/VOGOFF/Bag and a Beret will not be liable for public mischief that results from photo shoots for VOGOFF magazine. Why must I even write this?...

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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