Poultry Quilt, Puyallup Fair 2012
Welcome to the Quiltorama, ah, you didn't think I would sneak by the letter "Q" without focusing on quilts did ya?
In the 1950s and 1960s, sewing was all the rage, girls took home economics classes and, at the very least, learned to sew an apron.
1949 Singer Sewing Book

In the late 1970s, the fabric industry was starting to suffer, less and less people were making their own clothes. Purchasing clothing retail became cheaper than making your own outfits. Quilting saved the fabric industry - it just started to gain ground around the time sewing your own clothes was falling out of fashion.

On the subject of quilts, there is a new American art form of displaying painted quilt blocks on barns. In California, there is the Rio Linda/Elverta quilt trail project inspired by Donna Sue Groves. On the project's website rlequilttrail.co, there is a quilt-trail-bike-and-drive-tour-map.

Elverta Feed Store barn quilt
You wouldn't think quilting could be humorous but The B***hy Stitcher has this post worth a read The-greatest-quilt-related-advertising campaign ever. Language warning for sensitive souls. 

"Patchwork manages to take scraps of fabric, like fragmented pieces of time, and turn them into a beautiful whole. This makes quilters feel that all of the scattered pieces of their lives can add up to something worthwhile and appealing as well."  The Quilters Catalog

A few months back, I linked up with one of the quilt bloggers with my post mans-shirt-repurposed and my page views tripled! I was surprised by the popularity of that post. 

Another AtoZ challenge blogger Vintage Daze chose quilts for this "Q" letter day prompt also, quilts-depression-era.

Progress on the Daughter Quilt from the first layout to the finished quilt top. Accent borders and sashings were added along with small pieces to even it out. Ready for the quilt sandwich to be assembled.
Quilt On!