Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh where oh where is the cardboard cutout man

When in doubt on a prompt, my go-to is a cardboard cutout man, this one being Steve Irwin. We are Oh so chummy. Actually, the world of wonder suffered a great loss when Steve Irwin exited this earth. He is still missed. 

There was another cardboard cutout man in my life, one I posed with at my former short-lived position with a science-based organization at the State, link to that post coat-length-jacket-and-cardboard-cutout man.

Where am I finding these cardboard cutout men? By mere happenstance and obliviousness (I checked, yes, that is a word).

Oh, and did I tell you get One Free Pass during the challenge?  Ok, so it is a Tami made-up rule certainly not sanctioned by the AtoZ powers that be.  Bending the "rules" is one of my favorite things.

Touching on what might be collectible Americana for this "O" prompt is Old West which include cowboy and Native American attire, equipment and saddles.

What I found weekend commando thrift shopping was this little Lefton Owl salt and shaker combo for $2.50.

Found in a 1949 Singer Book of Sewing, this undated article offers advice on recycling material for curtains. 

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