Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zipping things up for the AtoZ Challenge

Bookmark found in a 1949
Singer Sewing Book

Zipping to the end - one of the few times, other than pheasant hunting season or when she photobombs fishing shots, that I post pictures of my dog, Zipper. She is a German wirehaired pointer with an energy level true to her name. Loves to ride with the Mr. on the tractor or in the UTV. 
I hope my audience enjoyed my posts as much as I enjoyed creating them. The two big events for me are the AtoZ challenge and my Countdown to Christmas posts.
Here are blogs I discovered during this challenge in alpha order:
Abbie's Adventure Diaries - "the mad journey of a limited edition kind of woman."
Around My Kitchen Table - best advice, "Never eat more than you can lift."  Miss Piggy
Crazydolllady - explores the minutiae of detail on dolls.

Fifty Philosophy -  "Linda's musings on life and love in the 50s."
Littlecunningplan - Utilized her Lucille Ball Fear-O-Meter regarding her sailing posts.
Pulp, Paper and Pigment - Linda focuses on handmade paper, handmade books and just about everything fiber.
The Cynical Sailor - "purveyors of eccentric travel adventures on water and land."
Spoken Like a True Nut - "The absent-minded brainchild of a woman who, when she's not pawning off her excess weirdness on WordPress, also takes pretty photographs, sings, and works in an office with a fax machine that is quite possibly possessed by a demon." 
Sunshine avenue 7 - well drawn images I assume made by the author with a great quote on her home page, "My hair was at least tidy, which was all my ambition." Jane Austen
Tasha's Thinkings - runs a small publishing company, former developer/database designer. Focused on fictional phantoms.
Vintage Daze - "Navigating the collectible craze."

I follow numerous others, including many of the hosts of this challenge. Thank you again for joining me on this journey!

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