May Day and Thrifting Away

Weekend hospice thrift shopping produced two pairs of shorts, a Cassel Groovin man's hat ($10), the batting and "H" wine glass ($1), the bag of remnant fabric material marked $20, sold to me for $17 (after a bit of negotiation with the SPCA thrift shop clerk).

Always on the hunt for batting and fabric remnants to make affordable gifts for friends and family.
Center section of the Daughter Quilt
Quilting update: 
I have assembled the Daughter Quilt. My method this time was to use temporary spray adhesive for all of the layers AND curved safety pins to keep the sandwich together while quilting it. I have chosen a white thread and cotton batting.
Putting the sandwich together is the most un-fun part of the process for me. I lay the sections on the ground and smooth it out while I am on my hands and knees. I do this outside since I don't want to inhale the spray glue.
I am always apprehensive making the first few stitches on the quilt sandwich. So much time has been invested at that point. 

Concluding with a link to The Kindness Quilt Project:
Details as follows:
1. you may donate a quilt block no larger that a 6 inch square.
2. you may knit, crochet, quilt,sew your square using any yarn or fabric of your choice.
3. your square may be embellished in any manner that you wish embroidery, beaded accents, quilted embellishments, embroidery work, or painted with washable paints.
4. you may make your square and embellish it in any manner you wish.
5. your quilt square donations may also be totally not embellished, may be left plain without anything on them.
6. you may donate as many squares as you wish to this project.
7. for those of you who do not wish to make a quilt square, you may donate items of any sort that can be used to embellish the squares that are left plain.
8. you may donate buttons, floral embellishments, crochet flowers, granny squares, hearts,you may donate any item that can be added to the squares to further embellish the quilt.
 9. These donated items may be purchased or handmade-made this is totally your choice.
10. Your generously donated squares will be sewn onto a backing fabric by Vicki from 2BagsFull and she will use your donated items to embellish the squares as needed.
11. this project will run for a full year until April 1, 2017. You will have ample time to make generous donations to this amazing project. Open to anyone and everyone wherever you live, if your heart is generous, you are invited to share your talents or to share a bit of embellishment.

The donations may be mailed to:
The Kindness Quilt Project 
150 Pine Ridge Drive 
Grayson, KY 41143 

 Updates will be shared regularly her on her blog, including and any embellishments that are also donated. With your donation, she will list the names of everyone who donates to this project. Photos of the quilt in progress will also be shared from time to time.

Those of you who have Instagram accounts may follow her there for updates as well. All photos of donated items will be shared regularly on her IG page using the hashtag #KindnessQuilt


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