Are there June bugs in your mint juleps

A nonsensical post title as food for the search bots.
I have fallen in love with this piece of fabric. The picture doesn't do it the justice it deserves - there is a richness and depth I don't usually see in material. It is a good 2-3 yards of material and I am tempted to use it as a quilt top, rather than a backing.

Closeup of fabric remnant

On the subject of material, color in particular, a new post went up from thebitchystitcher (language warning for sensitive souls) about "puke green."

The June 1-30 challenge prompts have been posted at

In addition, the thesitsgirls are hosting this event.

Prompts will be posted beginning Monday, June 15th through Friday, June 19 and a chance to win a $25 gift card for those who linkup.
Half off craft items at hospice thrift included a slew of 1970s patterns, floral fabric and a bag of scrapbooking stickers. I added in a couple of KD Lang and Liza Minelli CDs and an upright towel holder for the trailer ($12).

While I love to highlight other bloggers, I don't seek anything in return but I sure get a thrill when someone mentions me. That was the case recently with on a post that highlighted thrifting fabric.
I've got quite a few ideas for upcoming posts and photo shoots to stage for an online magazine. Stay tuned for fun in the sun!


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