Friday, May 13, 2016

Jean vest re-do and a June Challenge

Since hanging with the celebs at Coachella was not in the cards for me this year, I am modeling the latest in faux festival fashion.
The Coachella Music Festival is held each year in April in Indio, California.
One trick to getting around the work dress code spaghetti strap ban is to wear a jean vest. Last month, the SPCA thrift store held a weeklong $1 clothing sale where I found an 80s style jean vest and purple knit top.
The material on the vest under the arms was too bulky so I whipped out my trusty seam ripper and *rip* and took out that extra material. Then I decided the quasi-peplum add-on had to go *rip* and ended up with a vest ready to fray.
I went above budget at $10 buying the ice cream cone joujou dress. I call it that because the colors and ruffly layers seem sooo ice creamy. The beige crocheted bodice qualify for a linkup with Anne of for her 52 pick-me-up fashion prompt.
What is a Tami fashion post without a Pattern of the Day? It just has to happen. The closest thing to my ruffly festival fashion is this child's dress pattern 1970 McCall's 2691.

1945 The Complete Book of Sewing

This week's thrift shop finds were the start of my vintage souvenir plate wall beginning with my home town. Perfect at 75 cents!

Link to displaying collections-vintage-souvenir-plates
Fabric remnants ($4) and a necklace I will use as a lanyard for work($3).

I so enjoyed last month's April AtoZ Challenge, I have found one of those participants is hosting a June challenge. will provide prompts and Saturday is photo challenge day. Summer is a perfect time for me to participate in one of these and sometimes the prompts produce surprising and fun-filled results.  M'kay, who is in with me on this one? 

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