Butter and bacon gotta go, learning how to just say No

Kicking off this June challenge with the prompt "one piece of advice," a follow up to my mention of a diagnosis of gall bladder polyps. It seems to be a relatively rare condition with one of two ways to deal with it - either have the gall bladder removed or opt for a low-fat diet. I have chosen the latter with a four month follow up of an ultrasound this August.
Choosing a low-fat diet means eliminating all of the things I love to eat:
Just Say NO
Butter (allowed 1 tbsp. per day)

Cream soups and sauces
Regular ice cream
Thick juicy steaks (I can indulge in a palm-sized piece)
French fries - actually fried anything (goodbye Monte Cristo sandwiches)
Pastries (scones, biscuits, waffles, doughnuts)
Prepared snack foods (chips, granola bars)
Sausage, salami and bacon

I must eat more often and small portions (no feastoramas). My one piece of advice, if you can, try not to develop a taste for these delicious, high fat items because giving them up is a lot harder than having them as food besties in the first place.


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