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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fashion Bill of Rights

Challenge prompt: "We've heard of the 'Voter' Bill of Rights,' 'Patients' Bill of Rights,' and 'The Bill of Rights' made up the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Today you get to write your own Bill of Rights. What 'Rights' do you want to award to yourself or your family?"

hahaha When I first saw this prompt (Catch 22), I wasn't inspired, then I saw the "alternative" prompt, the one I've listed above and thought, "oh, am I going to have fun with that one!" Because, you know, I am going to parlay that into something fashion related. *grins*
I present the Fashion Bill of Rights!

Fashion First Amendment
Massive amounts of color must be worn on a daily basis. Black should be worn only for funerals or when you want to appear skinny.
Fashion Second Amendment
Banishment of the phrase "age appropriate." If you want to wear a halter top and mini-skirt paired with fishnet stockings, go for it!
Fashion Third Amendment
Be the body you are now - don't wait until you lose those few pounds to buy those wonderful, stylish clothes. People who love clothing and fashion admire how you interpret the style, not what size you are.

Only three amendments? Why complicate things?
Let's move on to thrift shop finds ~

A recent foray was at Thrift Town for their buy $20 get $10 off coupon. I spotted this Charter Club dress and filled in the rest with thread, a 1950's publication of Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories and a tie-dye shirt. The book is preachy and has some unusual graphics I will share in upcoming posts.

What type of Bill of Rights would you draft?

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