Friday, June 24, 2016

Treasured thrifts

Challenge prompt: "24 carat gold is valuable. Some value riches above all else. Tell us what is valuable to you. What do you treasure?"
This prompt is similar to an earlier one where we defined three things we couldn't live without so I am going to narrow it down further and post my most valuable thrift shop finds, mainly in the framed art category.
Beginning with the most recent, a framed embroidered piece of fabric that has now taken up residence in my bedroom ($5 from half off Saturday).
This artwork is displayed on my top shelf at work, no. 187/200, Florero con Banbu. Not the best image but a lovely print.
A thrift shop worker gave me an early Christmas present with a Maxfield Parish print priced at $200, sold to me for $40.
This Fred Draper acrylic on canvas continues to delight me (purchase price $6.50).
These are just a few of my treasured thrift shop finds.

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