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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fashion Sonnet

Challenge prompt: "Write a poem of at least fourteen lines, preferably a sonnet."
Fashion Sonnet

There once were some bloggers who did fashion
Mixing thrifted and retail clothes juxtapose
It was often said it was their passion
To be merely dressed would bring them to blows
Satin and cashmere, colors and neutral
Retro and new, short skirts and long jackets
A tribe of sorts thought to be communal
No thought given as to income brackets
A celebration of all of the ages
Hats, scarves, bangles, baubles and chunky things
Accepting even those who wear beiges
Clothing with cling, bodies with major bling
Ode to fashion it is the only way
Every day is a chance for dress up play
Since summer has officially begun, I am posting two summer Patterns of the Day - The first from 1965
And another from 1972

My very first sonnet and had to be about fashion, of course!

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