To phub or not to phub

Challenge prompt: "Have you ever had to choose In or Out? Maybe it was a job that you didn't like, or a business deal, or a relationship? Write about making a simple but difficult choice."
I will try not to phub. There was an article this month in The Atlantic entitled ignoring-people-for-phones-is-the-new-normal-phubbing-study. Phubbing, a new word to add to our ever-growing list of technology-related terms is phone+snubbing.
There is nothing most interesting than real-life interaction with people, imho.
While I will resort to gawking at my phone when I am alone, I try not use it around friends or family. In fact, I turn my phone off when I get home from work.
This certainly isn't a difficult but merely a simple choice I have made.
Do you engage in phubbing?


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