Lucky or unlucky no. 13

Challenge prompt: "Tell us about a time you were lucky, or unlucky."

I was lucky this weekend to find a thrift shop that was offering $5 for a bag of books. In particular, a Fuzzimal Puppies kit and Nature Crafts for Kids for a co-worker's 11 year old inquisitive, camping-loving boy. The rest of the books I picked up as a lark.

The Lore of Sportfishing is a regular doorstop. You Can Whittle and Carve is undated but I place it as a 1960s publication.

I am also lucky to live in an area where I can find such pretty materials for gift quilts. This being a Hello Kitty-backed one for a new baby girl.
Here is the quilt in progress. I use the blue masking to keep me on track with the stitch in the ditch. On my last quilt, I "eyeballed it" and made an error I had to cover with applique.
What lucky things are in your life?


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