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Saturday, June 25, 2016

My world and welcome to it

Challenge prompt: "Take a video about your world and share it."
I had hoped to share a video about me catching a fish but as fate would have it - we had a "Jonah day" on the ocean this past weekend. The Mr. caught one fish and I caught zero. Can't complain though as the waters were calm and the sun was shining so a perfect day on the ocean by my criteria.

Today is my birthday! I was lucky enough to be born 6 months from Christmas and on my parents' 10th wedding anniversary. Talk about timing!
I have much to be thankful for - I have good health, as do all of my immediate family. I am employed with no fear of being jettisoned because of my age. I live in the grand state of Caleeforneeya, known for its natural beauty and Mediterranean climate.  

Posting a glimpse of how I organize thread and fabric for quilting. After Googling "how to organize fabric" I read a few posts and then a lightbulb when off when one suggested utilizing an empty chest of drawers. You know I am all for repurposing and saving money whenever I can - so this was a great suggestion. I was looking into purchasing a bookcase but really don't have room for it.
My fabric stash before:
And after:
Remnants from the Hawaiian shirt hoarder

Scraps to be organized by color
and placed in tubs so they will stand upright in the drawer.

Thread in vases
I am non-discriminating when it comes to thread use in a quilt. I will use the color du jour left on my sewing machine to chain piece and join squares. I will buy thread retail for the quilt tops (with the exception of white - I seem to have enough of that color right now).

After I looked at a few suggestions by other quilt bloggers, I realized I am No Where Near SABLE (stash accumulation beyond lifetime expectancy) and here I was hyperventilating over the fabric I did have (gotta use it up - must make quilts NOW!!!).  I was amazed at the images of other quilter's stashes representing what seemed to be hundreds of dollars worth of fabric.

Continuing my birthday celebration by linking up with Beverly at howsweetthesound for her anything goes Pink Saturday featuring two pink pantsuit Patterns of the Day, the first from 1965 and the second from 1970.

Adding in a ballerina cake on my special day
A couple of shopgoodwill inmate dolls sporting pink.

Happy 25th day of June!

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