Three things

Challenge prompt of "Three things you can't live without, or wouldn't want to."  (apologies on another prepositional ending)
I really wanted to like this prompt. I had all the right things in the right places, my children, my family, my friends, blah blah blah. But I wasn't inspired, the challenge had done me wrong, here it was only Day Three. 
I wrote about my lifestyle change on Day 1. One thing I can't live without now is a bag of nuts. Yes, you heard it right - nuts, the unsalted, unsweetened, buy-in-bulk-kind of nuts. They seem to make my system happy, stave off hunger and calm my stomach.
Mexican food. Chimichangas are a thing of the past in all of their deep fried glory. But there is still Mexican food - I count that as No. 2.
Thrifting. Well now, there is a given. Thrift shops provide a primary source of entertainment for me. Let's call that No. 3.
Do tell, what are your Big Three?


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