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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The whole nine yards of fabric

Challenge prompt: "To go the whole nine yards means 'to continue doing something dangerous or difficult until it is finished.' When have you gone the whole nine yards? Write about it."
Story behind this yardage here
Interrupting this challenge with a quilting update!

I have completed the tiki-themed Daughter Quilt. This creation is sixth in the Hawaiian shirt hoarder series comprised of thrifted fabric and thread (link to the log-cabin-style post). Listing it is a Q2 finish, originally posted here.

I did purchase the cotton batting but, as I had read, it required much more quilting than I normally am willing to do. To secure the quilt sandwich I used a stiple stitch around certain borders, a straight stitch with a walking foot and free motion quilting within the center and around the butterflies.

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I am using the last of the log cabin squares I made last summer in this Baby Quilt. It is not a traditional baby quilt, more of a little girl quilt. I also will use the Hello Kitty and purple fabric as sashing. The cornerstones and top and bottom borders came in a thrifted packet of fabric already assembled.

I had wanted to  quilt for many years and am amazed at how many quilts I have made in just one year and how much I have learned. On this most recent quilt, I remembered to iron it to set the stitches prior to washing it. The quilting gloves made a big difference for free motion quilting. I will need to upgrade my sewing stand for the next bed-sized quilt. In a perfect world, I would also like to upgrade to a mid-arm sewing machine.

My nine yard difficult dash was taking eight years to earn an Associate's Degree in Business. Had I calculated how long it was going to take, I would have never finished it. It was a matter of taking one class each semester, spring, summer and fall. There were prerequisites and reqs to the pre's, some courses counted toward the degree, others didn't. At least I reached the finish line.

Any dangerous or difficult tasks completed recently?

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  1. Great quilt finish! Those bright fabrics are so fun! Thanks so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of all of the hosts!


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