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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15 sentences and driven to distraction

Challenge prompt: "Write about anything but it must exactly 15 sentences."

Let's talk about driving. My daily commute is 2-3 hours long. I try to keep to the two-second rule where you allow two seconds of space between you and the driver in front of you. That simple practice has been a car saver when traffic stops abruptly and the person behind you is not paying attention or is following too closely. Some drivers get agitated by my two second spacing, they want to be in MY SPACE or in front of me so they can tailgate the next driver. I am not employing that practice to aggravate them, it gives me that split second of reaction time I otherwise wouldn't have if I were following closer.

Cell phone users while driving. Please - stop - doing - that. I was broadsided two years ago by a distracted cell-phone using 20someting-year old. Cost her parent's insurance a pretty penny paying lawsuit expenses for that one. I see drivers on their cell phones all the time. I pay attention to oncoming traffic because it takes just a moment of inattention to create a head-on collision.

All it takes is little common courtesy and patience while driving. It could mean the difference between life and other undesirable alternatives.

What do other drivers do that causes you heartburn, heartache or produces profuse swearing?

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