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Sunday, June 19, 2016

No on the 19th letter and a man problem

Challenge prompt: "Can you be a blogging hero without utilizing the 19th letter of the alphabet?"
Hereforward, no on the 19th letter and what do you do when you have a man problem?  My man problem in particular - Mr. VZ.
Fight = mad = looking for new place to live.
Ad:  Golden Girl looking for luxury, low rent, free wifi/cable TV, no cleaning/watching duty involved, turnkey rental with locked room availability, pet ok.
Hard to find? you bet.
Luxury - big money for that benefit.
Low rent - exchange? ugh we won't go there
Looking on CL mainly 20er-30er or men wanting ...
Why did I ever unload my midtown bungalow?  Now I'm in a pickle. Oh, I remember a financially underwater abode with tree foliage in the yard that I am allergic to. Double ugh.
Why can't there be a place for a lady to live with another lady or two or three with nary a man around?
Anyhoo, all ok with the Mr. and me but he maketh me mad every once in awhile.

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