Monday, June 27, 2016

27 sentences and how to survive on a State worker's salary

Challenge prompt: "Write about any subject but you must write exactly twenty-seven sentences, no more, no less."

How to exist on a State worker's salary, low compensation with retirement benefits deferred?
My no. 1 is shopping for clothes thrift. While I love retail and had an ongoing love affair with Macy's (they loved me when I was spending $200 a month on clothing) in the go-go 90s when money was plentiful. M and I are now once or twice a year lovers when lingerie is running low or needs to be replaced.
Find food at the farmer's markets. Luckily, we have a weekly farmer's market this time of year and there is one vendor in particular tucked away in a corner that cuts prices to the bone.
Buy day-old bread. Another find at the market is day-old specialty bread. This week's purchase was a seed bread with cranberries for $2.50.
Buy in bulk. A vacuum packer is your friend.
Bring a lunch. I know, a no-brainer but when all of the surrounding restaurants are calling out to you, "try me, try me," it is tough to pass them by.
Take public transportation. While not an option for me, I know many who do.
Carpool with a co-worker or other State employee. The agency I work for keeps a list of those interested in carpooling.
Live downtown. Many of the State agencies are located in and around the State capitol within walking or biking distance.
Live with a roommate. Easier said than done.
Work a second job. There are those who work the night shift at the arena and there are others who work at the tax agencies during that season.
It is not impossible to exist on a State worker's salary. It forces one to be inventive and to think twice about purchases, which is a good thing anyway. 
Are there any cost-cutting measures that you employ?  Do tell!

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