Just Because and Jelly Rolls

Just because is what happens when your post needs some plumping up! No better time than to highlight my newest quilt project, the Daughter Quilt.

I don't have any available walls in our house for a staging board so laying the squares on the floor on a white fabric backed quilt is the next best thing. I call it the modified log cabin because I have incorporated the log cabin squares with some butterfly pieces at the corners and the center panel. It is amazing how quickly a quilt comes together into the sandwich when you are at this stage. 

Things I did differently this time:

I squared off the log cabin squares and will do the same to the other added fabric pieces. 
I might try the stipling stitch pre-programmed into my sewing machine. I just recently noticed it (helps to refer to the manual once in awhile). 
I learned to use the stitch guide when I made the straight stitches with the walking foot. Saved me time and masking tape. 

I have picked up quite a few books on quilting in my thrift shop wanderings and the one that is my hands-down favorite is:

I will base my Christmas gift quilts on the designs and methods from this book. The authors describe tonal value and give examples. 

As any quilter what would be on their wish list and you can bet they would say, "Jelly Rolls!" 

They are pre-cut coordinated fabric rolled into strips.  I haven't yet invested in something so wonderful - just sew and go.