Monday, April 4, 2016

Collectible cats and cigar store indians

Completion of my trailer quilt project this weekend! Link to the the-trailer-quilt-log-cabin-style. The majority of the fabric was gleaned from the Hawaiian shirt hoarder's estate along with the shirt labels that I placed strategically over quilting I didn't like or junctures in the fabric I felt needed to be covered over.

Trailer quilt log cabin style

Back to our regularly scheduled program ... It should come as no surprise that cats are collectible Americana. This is my group of four. Maybe not officially collectible, but loved by me.

Chalkware cats and cloth cats such as the ones sewn as decorative pillows by the American colonists are high on the collecting list.

Cat sampler from 1963 Woman's Day Book of American Needlework

Cigar store indians are also collectible Americana. This image is from our family photo archive of Las Vegas, 1969.

Present day cigar store indian at the New Beginnings Thrift in Placerville, California.

Call me crazy but the $1 clearance rack at the Sutter Creek thrift shop created a calvacade of cuteness, a Croft and Barrow long-sleeved knit shirt, The Quacker Factor velvet star-embellished long sleeved jacket, a Coldwater Creek short-sleeved blouse, and a Rockies cowboy-style sleeveless collared shirt.

And a couple more sourcebooks, a 1966 BHG Pattern Adjustments (in excellent condition) and a 1977 The Complete International Book of Embroidery. Perfect timing to add more information to my upcoming E post of "Embroidery Then and Now."

Any collectible cats or cigar store indians in your household?

Ending with a Chihuahua chase on the Bay Bridge -

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