Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pink hats, Ponchos and being Presidential

Prelude to this "P" post - last week, at the doctor's office I tested false-positive for pregnancy. Something of a rarity from what I gather. Let's review, I am 56 years old, had a tubal ligation at age 35, and have not had a visit from Aunt Flo for over 5 years. None of my internet searches found that combination noted anywhere!

Course, the nurse asked the usual question, "When was the date of your last period?" Really? I can't remember the year, let alone the month of that event.

I said, "You can't be serious (laughing hysterically at this point), it is not possible." Serious face nurse did not crack a smile. Apparently, it IS possible. She said, "Maybe it was something you ate." Internet search again - found nothing about food elevating your HCG levels.

By week's end, my curiosity had gotten the better of me and I bought an in-home preggers test. Two tests came in the packet, Friday's results - negative, Sunday morning results - inconclusive. Follow up doctor appointment yesterday - another false positive. Stay tuned for 56 and pregnant possibility results.

Returning to our regular show - I am glad I kept this pink poncho, it almost went back into the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. The Gene Doris was a $2 thrift shop find from last month. 

Pink hat, lady unknown from 1962

Put in an action shot from the photo shoot
Ponchos were brought in from the fashion darkness by none other than Martha Stewart.  A few years back, Ms. Stewart did some jail time for insider trading or something like that. What hit the news was one of her fellow inmates crocheted her a poncho martha-stewarts-poncho the-new-fashion-trend.
1970 McCall's 2456

All Seasons Poncho

Presidential campaign paraphernalia is also considered collectible Americana.  Save those buttons, stickers and posters!

Since we are lurking around on this "P" letter day, here is the link to my a-to-z-challenge-2016 Pinterest board. 
Update to post - polyps, not preggers, polyps on my gall bladder are causing the nausea.
Do you possess any pink hats, ponchos or presidential ephemera?

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