Better with Butterick and bias binding

In all of my vintage pattern gathering, I was surprised to see that I only had three Butterick patterns to showcase for this challenge.

1969 Butterick 5592

1970 Butterick 5838

1973 Butterick 5872

Sewing tip of the day - Bias strips for quilt binding are created by placing one straight edge of the lengthwise grain at a 45 degree angle with the other straight edge of the crosswise grain with the fronts of the material facing each other. Press seams, trim excess. This type of binding gives the quilt a more finished look and reduces bulk on connecting points in the binding. 

Collectible Americana includes bookends and Black Americana figurines.

This pair was on my thrift shop bucket list - scored for $10 at Thrift Town. 

Batting for a baby quilt along with some lovely fabric scraps were my thrift shop finds on my Cezar Chavez holiday day off earlier in the week. The butterflies will make wonderful appliques.

Thrift shoppers - do you have a bucket list? With so many writers, some of you must have bookends - do tell!