Friday, April 22, 2016

Song of the Sea

This AVON decanter was a thrift shop score for ten cents, one of the blue tagged items on President's Day.  
Both the Mr. and I have heard the siren's song of the sea. For those new to my blog, we spend most of the summer ocean sport fishing on California's north coast.

We have been 100 miles out to sea, by the shipping lanes, in pursuit of tuna. We have seen all manner of marine life, including whales.

The Mr. and I are enjoying our ability to do this type of activity because there will come a time in the not too distant future that we will not be able to launch a 25-foot boat into the water and muscle it around in the ocean.

On the days we cannot make it out on the ocean when the seas are too rough, I like to go to Glass Beach. It is a perfect excuse to sit in the sun, hear the sound of the ocean and sift through decades-old sea glass.
A blogger I met through the AtoZ challenge Stephen Z Metal has a technique for making-sea-glass.

Cheers to the song of the sea and those who heed its call.

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